"(Fire In a Theatre) People who can sing like this and who have a knack for rhyming have to be vigilant about keeping to the right side of the Huey Lewis line, but the Right Offs do a great job of being both singer-y and legit..." - Songs We Like, Holy Crap Magazine & Podcast, June 12 2019

"This listener felt something refreshing yet powerful when listening to the three songs, with “Fire in a Theatre” igniting all the air in the room right out of the box— a perfect example of how the band grabs your attention immediately and doesn’t let up..." - The Right Offs Start a “Fire In A Theatre”, New Haven Independent, December 13 2018

"Second Place - Best Overall Band or Artist" - CTNow/Hartford Courant - Best of Hartford Readers Poll 2019, July 2019

"Let’s not mince words here: The Right Offs are, depending on who you ask, perhaps the best...rock band in Connecticut. There are several must-see acts on this list, and this is one of them." - Catch all the music you can: Who’s playing the Meriden Daffodil Festival (and when), Hartford Courant, April 17 2019

In depth interview with Max about Covid times...
- Maxwell Omer Keeps The Fire Burning, New Haven Independent, May 20 2020

"The vocals are one you will never forget...There is so much strength in this band's sound."
- The Right Offs Scream “Fire In a Theatre”, BuzzMusic, March 3 2019

"The Right Offs sounded tight, even tighter than the band is on its last release...and more ferocious, raging around the twists and turns in the band’s clever, tightly wound material." - Right Offs Get Down to Business, New Haven Independent, April 7 2017

"I took a huge risk and booked these guys to play a nighttime gig in the pub at the Glastonbury (CT) Apple Harvest & Music Fest... I thought they were going to be way too loud, way too rowdy and everyone would lose their minds. They were rowdy. They were loud. And everyone loved them. Still one of the best sets from that festival over the last six years, and proof that their sound, while a punch in the face at times, is also highly accessible for anyone who likes to live life on the wild side..." - The Metal Dad: A Decade of CT Music, November 26 2019